The Start of PITCH

Start for PITCH – A slightly different version of a kickoff meeting

The new project PITCH – promotion and implementation of training on entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity in higher education – has been launched.
The central focus of the project is the acquisition and validation of competences related to entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. This is particularly important in view of the fact that these have not yet been thoroughly integrated into European higher education, either in the curricula or in internship programmes.
If we perceive “entrepreneurship and initiative” as an overarching “key competence”, as promoted by the Commission in 2006 and updated in the Qualifications Agenda in 2018, the university should introduce it in an overarching modular way and not only in specific fields of study such as economics.

Further information about the PITCH project can be found here: The PITCH project

The first session – the kick-off meeting – faced the current challenge of providing safe travel options in connection with the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2).
Of course, all partners worked towards the first face-2-face meeting, but sometimes there are limits or obstacles that are difficult to plan or to overcome directly.
But in a world of creativity and innovation there is always a way to overcome these challenges – in this case it was a simple thing called an online meeting. Having a good and compromising team spirit was helpful in this case to give the project a good start, to set the right direction and to create a level of communication that can lead to productive and innovative project development!

Stay up to date for further developments!