PITCH Platform

The PITCH platform is a rich open learning platform that enables blended learning and provides a seamless combination of e-learning (moodle), validation software (LEVEL5) and e-portfolio (Mahara) functionalities.

  • It provides the learning technology in which the modular competence-based learning system is embedded.
  • It offers teachers and learners the possibility to create their own portfolios with vivid evidence of their achievements (e.g. artefacts of papers, essays, collections) linked to their CV and evidence of their competence development (LEVEL5 certificates) and qualifications (e.g. badges and ECTS points or modular course certificates).

The LMS offers the possibility to create, organise and deliver e-learning content for blended learning purposes, e.g. as self-learning resources.

In addition, the learning technology suite also includes a LEVEL5 validation interface, which provides validation interfaces (assessment and documentation) for all developed modules.