PITCH Outputs

  • Research design
  • Desk research covering the partner countries
  • Results from Online survey to the European HEI community and European Enterprises 
  • Interviews with selected experts
  • Concluding in the PITCH stocktaking report with recommendations


  • A qualified Competence framework with a through introduction (also as learning material)
  • Descriptions of Entrepreneurship Competences (6), based on the EntreComp Framework but adapted and operationalised to promote COL&V
  • 9 generic competences
  • 6 Facilitators‘ planning, delivery and evaluation competences.
  • Reference systems for each competence


  • Didactic patterns which describe basic blended learning modules for three basic scenarios and target groups and
  • Course and module design patterns (according to ECVET specification)
  • Action fields and learning fields
  • Learning Pathways (course planning tables)
  • Validation approach including the connected LEVEL5 and EQF taxonomy


(Accessible by the link below after registration)
Consisting of:
  • LMS (moodle)
  • E-Portfolio (Mahara)
  • Validation software
  • Including the contents created as OER for the modular CPD and contents created in the DBCL courses


Report about the PITCH CPD concept including:
  • the PITCH approach introduction and planning instruments for the eductional professionals
  • the PITCH qualification and its phases
  • the programme for the 5 days Face-to-Face course
  • the evaluation
  • the competence validation
  • learning modules and learning units


The student pilot reports were set up by each project partner, containing:
  • Context, target groups, activities of the practical activities
  • Planning and delivery of the learning activities
  • Competence validation (including (LEVEL5 and ECTS validation) and
  • experiences regarding feasibility, usability, acceptance and cost/benefit
It also includes:
  • Partner specific, contextualised Student courses and modules
  • ECTS assignment within the HEI courses


  • Conceptual design
  • Quality approach
  • Valorisation strategy and
  • Networking concept