PITCH – The teaching and learning approach

“An approach that can make teaching and learning creative and innovative”.

The concept of blended teaching and learning developed within the PITCH project is based on the approach of competence oriented learning. The PITCH approach has been developed in a modular learning environment comprising different learning modules that can be used in blended modalities in the form of face-to-face teaching, e-learning, project learning and study visits, and is able to foster an environment for creativity and innovation.

It includes the following elements:

  • Course and module design patterns (reference systems, didactic frameworks and sequencing tables, indicators) for professional development,
  • activity and learning field patterns and course planning tables (learning pathways),
  • qualification course for specific subject and competence areas,
  • A more modular scenario aiming at a situational learning approach.

The first tests have already been conducted in various online sessions with both the partnership and the affiliated higher education institution.

But above all, face-to-face testing is still a goal that needs to be addressed. Of course, COVID 19 will have an impact on this, but we look forward to the first opportunity.

Stay tuned for further developments and be the first to read the field reports on the PITCH approach.